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A Taco Ride - Your Hometown

Taco RideA gathering of bicyclers for a “Taco Ride” in small town Iowa (photo by Jeremy Hogan).

Do you remember how fun it was to first learn to ride a bike? Now imagine how fun it would be with cocktails! Every Thursday night, a few friends and I join hundreds of cyclists for a nearby ‘Taco Ride’. Could sound a little dirty depending on where your mind is, but I’ll explain.

We all set off at whatever time we please and meet 10 miles down the trail at a tiny little steak house in a tiny litte town. That’s where you rest your legs and start workin’ your liver. The special here on Thursday nights is six tacos and a pitcher of (very strong) margaritas for $18 — hence the name Taco Ride. Of course, the tacos are crap. People come for the margaritas, live music, dance floor and the company of fellow non-couch potatoes.

There are several similar rides like this just in my small-ish hometown of Omaha, NE: A Pancake Ride is for early birds who don’t feel the need to torture their poor little livers, the Owl Ride is a fun midnight ride through downtown where everyone straps lights to every part of themselves and their bikes … and the list goes on.

There are without a doubt similar rides in your area, but if you can’t hunt one down, start one yourself! Ever heard of social media? This is a great way to get moving and have fun. No need to pile on the make-up or accessorize your sports bra, this is just good ol’ fashioned fun.

If you don’t have a bike, don’t go out and get a new one, unless you have an extra 300 bucks lying around. Check out thrift stores, go on Craigslist, heck, just post it on Facebook and I’m sure one of your friends “bought it for New Years but has never taken it out”.

Here are some tips for first time riders:

1) Don’t try to keep up with Lance. Your competitive spirit might come out when you’re flying down the trail in the first mile. Just keep a pace you know you can stick to for a while.

2) “On your left” If you want to pass, simply yell, “On your left!”. Then obviously … pass on the left.

3) Bring your iPod, water and a bike light. Even if you forget your dadgum underwear, don’t forget a bike light. If the ride you choose begins anytime near evening, you WILL need a bike light.

Now go out and find a ride near you, and thank me later!   ❈


Courtney McGann

Courtney McGann is a frequent Galavanting contributor and a co-host of Galavanting.tv. Travel, fashion and nightlife are what makes this gal tick. She is also the communications coordinator for the fabulous TBEX community and its annual conferences. She’s @courtneyisneato on Twitter.

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