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Traveling with the Kids, this time not to Disneyland. 

 Traveling with kids can be a seriously daunting task, long flights can lead to wailing and blood-curdling-seat-kicking-screams. Taking a vacation shouldn’t add to your stress and often, with kiddies in tow, it can do just that. All that being said, traveling with the children is one of the most important things you can do for them. So, you’ve decided to do take them….but where to?

Travelforkids.com a travel website designed for families looking for kid-friendly destinations and this year has named Quebec and Montreal the go-to destinations for families with children in 2009. “Traveling to Montreal is like a visit to Europe. It’s not just that everybody is speaking French - the children at city parks, the fruits and vegetables at the markets, the fresh croissants - all make you feel like you’ve crossed an ocean,” says one parent about her family’s trip. Not to mention, if you’re trying to save some cash visiting a place like Quebec is a more “budget friendly” alternative and the favorable Canadian exchange rate won’t give you a heart attack. It won’t just be the kids that enjoy the maple syrup sugar pie here!

Maybe the children aren’t ready for that kind of culture and would prefer to get their hands dirty, so to speak. How about a vacation to one of 30 Dude/guest ranches in the mountains of Colorado?

Colorado Dude Ranches are a great alternative for a family looking for an educational and entertaining trip. Included in your day rate is everything from riding, river rafting, fishing, hiking, tennis and mountain biking to crafts and photo workshops, swimming, hay rides and more. In addition, while Mom and Dad get a massage the kids can learn how to pan for gold, build a campfire and learn archery. Kids game nights and Chuck wagon cookouts allow for the parents to have some adult candlelight dinner time as well. 

For more information on pricing, building your itinerary and choosing the right Dude Ranch check out The Colorado Dude & Guest Ranch Association. 

If you’re still researching kid friendly destinations also consider checking out Travelingmom.com for deals, sanity tips, and vacations. 

Chelsea Latimer is a Galavanting Travel News & Reviews correspondent, she keeps a personal blog at Chelsea Talks Smack. You can also follow Chelsea on twitter >>



Yes, you CAN get paid to drink: The Best Job in the WORLD awaits you


Turns out there's another "BEST JOB IN THE WORLD", so for all of you people who applied for the six months of blogging and caretaking on the islands of the Great Barrier Reef, have no fear, another opportunity awaits you!

If drinking wine all day in Sonoma County on the gorgeous coast of Northern California all the while chronicling your experience through Twitter, Facebook and living rent-free sounds like a good deal to you, then read on.

The Murphy-Goode Winery wants YOU to tell the world about their wines, Sonoma Wine Country and what it's like to live there. The best part, you aren't just getting paid in glasses of Cabernet, but you'll make a "modest" 10,000 a month for six months. Have you packed your bags and quit your job yet?? I'm certainly thinking about it.

If you're a social media WHIZ KID, a wine lover, a blogger, you use social-networking sites and are over 21 years of age you can apply by submitting a video 60 seconds or less. That's right; you have to "wow" them straight out of the gate. Show them that you're the BEST person for the job, your personality and skill must shine through! Application close by June 5th, so get crackin'!!!

For all you know, you could be living in a beautiful home on a vineyard by August 1st, you'll be drinking in both literally and figuratively the beauty of Wine County and the art of wine making and viticulture. Yes, seriously.

Best job in the world? I think so.


Chelsea Latimer is a Galavanting Travel News & Reviews correspondent, she keeps a personal blog at Chelsea Talks Smack. You can also follow Chelsea on twitter >>


Mustapha’s Place on Zanzibar Plans to Open Exotic Spa

Picture yourself free of worry and fully relaxed as you indulge in a handmade, organic body scrub of honey, rose oil, cinnamon and cardamom. As you look around you realize you are high above the tree tops overlooking Casuarina pines and palm trees.

Think you are dreaming? Well, this is one dream that can come true!

Mustapha’s Place, a hotel on the east coast of Zanzibar, is set to launch their new Casuarina treetop spa in June. The spa will overlook the hotel and offer amazing views of the surrounding area.

Along with the organic body scrub guests can enjoy a traditional Tanzanian massage, called the “bongo” massage. Swedish massage and deep tissue massage are also on the menu of available treatments.

The spa uses local products and natural resources for the variety of treatment options available. Flower oils such as jasmine and ylang ylang are incorporated as well as a locally made lemon and sugar blend. Guests can choose from an extensive aromatherapy massage or simply stop in for a manicure and pedicure utilizing these natural ingredients. Prices are surprisingly affordable and range from $12 for a half hour foot massage to $40 for an organic body scrub making a trip to the treetop spa very hard to resist.

Mustapha’s place has been a popular destination for both backpackers and families since 1997. Its simplistic, natural setting and access to beautiful beaches makes it ideal for any traveler wanting to experience the true, local culture of Zanzibar. The hotel makes green practices a priority and was recently awarded three stars by Eco Hotels of the World for their efforts.

You can follow Mustapha’s Place on Twitter or join them on Facebook and stay up to date regarding the launch of the treetop spa and other hotel news.



Lori Rice is a Galavanting Travel News & Reviews correspondent and features contributor, she keeps two blogs at Blondie in Braziland Fake Food Free. You can also follow Lori on twitter.


Photo courtesy of Mustapha’s Place



Results of Volunteer Travel Insights 2009 Survey Reported

Combining travel with volunteering allows you to experience the culture and beauty of a destination while providing valuable resources to those in need. With current economic times putting a strain on travel budgets, many people find it rewarding to combine their sense of adventure with their desire to help.

This week the final results of the Volunteer Travel Insights 2009 survey, conducted in conjunction with Brandt Travel Guides and Lasso Communications, were reported by GeckoGo. The survey compiled answers from 2481 people worldwide and is considered the largest international volunteer survey ever conducted to date.

While volunteer travel is often considered a group effort the survey revealed that 57% of respondents take part alone. Overall, activities of choice include humanitarian work (62%), conservation and teaching (56%), community development (53%) and building (28%).

Currently the most popular destinations for volunteer travel overall are Peru and Brazil while respondents in the U.S. rank Peru and Costa Rica among their top destinations.

Volunteer travelers often leave their experience feeling as though they have gained much more than they have given. Seventy-seven percent of respondents agree that they had a very meaningful experience and an additional 22% rated the experience as meaningful.

Volunteering abroad does require a time investment as the survey indicates that 76% of respondents traveled for at least two weeks and 51% had traveled for more than a month for one trip. However, with almost 100% of the survey respondentsindicating that they had a meaningful experience that may be reason enough to save up the time off and make your next vacation a volunteering vacation abroad.



Lori Rice is a Galavanting Travel News & Reviews correspondent and features contributor, she keeps two blogs at Blondie in Braziland Fake Food Free. You can also follow Lori on twitter.


Photo by Columbus GV Team


A Hotel Catering to the Newly Single or Broken Hearted

The last thing someone wants to do when they’ve recently broken up and are walking around nursing their newly single wounds, is check into a Fairfield Inn, or crash on a friends couch. Apartment hunting? I think not. Jumping back into “single reality” needs a cushiony transition, like a hotel, and not just any hotel but the kind that will keep you busy and handle your battered pride with kid gloves.

AKA Hotels is exactly that hotel, it’s the kind of extended living that makes you happy to go it alone. Whether you’re moving through divorce, breakups, relocation, identity crisis (hey, it happens), etc. AKA is the perfect hybrid between hotel and apartment. With various locations in NYC, DC, PA and soon to be LA and the perfect pricing structure for daily, weekly and monthly stays, (the savings for guests increase with the length of their stay). In addition, when leasing AKA suites for six months or longer, the residence is free from hotel taxes saving you thousands of dollars.

Housekeeper? Check. Concierge? Check. Complimentary breakfast, which can be brought to you, in bed? CHECK, check. How about French cooking classes? Guitar lessons, DJ Lessons, or a customized fitness program with a Celebrity trainer….almost anything you can imagine a single person would need to busy them and get back to the things they neglected when wrapped in the throws of romance, are at their fingertips.

Not only do you not have to put your life on hold, but you can move on gracefully while going to bed at night in the comfort of luxury and pampering.

Here's another hotel that offers a similar "single friendly" deal:

The Marmara Manhattan's "Suddenly Splitsville" Package

  • A one-year subscription to Divorce Magazine, the only magazine of its kind, read by those who need advice from attorneys and other divorce professionals
  • A pint of Häagen-Dazs ice cream to drown those sorrows in
  • A bottle of Champagne to toast new found freedom



Chelsea Latimer is a Galavanting Travel News & Reviews correspondent, she keeps a personal blog at Chelsea Talks Smack. You can also follow Chelsea on twitter >>