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Galavanting Picks: The 2010 Hunkiest Men in Travel - 411

The ladies of Galavanting are taking a moment to give a shout out to the hottest men in travel today. To make our list they had to catch our eye for not only being hunky, but famously passionate about travel.

Here’s looking at you fellas!

Compiled by Courtney McGann
& contributed to by Kim Mance & Maren Hogan

Travel Television Hunks

Famous for: Über popular travel TV show “No Reservations
Website: Travel Channel
Anthony Bourdain - Chef, author, world traveler, Tony’s got it all. His salt-n-pepper hair spices up our living rooms with each episode of “No Reservations”. He can have all the sheep balls he wants, we still eat him up. World-weary, take charge attitude, looks great in Levi’s, that’s our kinda travelin’ man.

Famous for: Adventure TV show “Man Vs. Wild” and
generally being a bad ass
Website: Bear Grylls
Bear Grylls - So he eats bugs and drinks his own urine from time to time, but we’re willing to overlook it. Whether he’s sporting Columbia or a tux, this Tarzan traveler’s philanthropic side just adds to his swoon factor. Also, you just KNOW a man like that can find a way to make any relationship exciting.

Famous for: Zane-y TV show “Three Sheets
Website: Zane Lamprey
Zane Lamprey - This pub-crawling hottie drank his way into our hearts. If you’ve ever seen a Galavanting Gal’s bar tab, you’d know why Zane was a unanimous pick. This boy next door somehow finds a way to make beer breath and stubble sizzle. He had us at drinking games.

Famous for: Host on the “Today Show” and
Where in the World is Matt Lauer?”
Website: MSNBC
Matt Lauer - Lauer’s globe-trotting special gives us an excuse to put this news hunk on the list. He can be as cheesy as he wants with a smile like that. While other women may have abandoned him for silver fox Anderson Cooper (ha, a twofer!) we’re staying put — even though his hairline won’t.


Travel-Writing Hotties

Jim BenningFamous for: Co-founder & co-editor of online
travel magazine World Hum
Jim Benning
Jim Benning
- Remember that boy in high school who you only knew was cute when he’d raise his head up soulfully from his poetry? Benning is that guy. Sweet, soft and funny as hell, he’s likely the only person who’ll be truly surprised to find his name on this list.


Robert ReidFamous for: US editor for Lonely Planet
and host of the “76 Second Travel Show
Website: Reid on Travel
Robert Reid - This funny man of the travel world manages to pull off a constant five o’clock shadow that could rival even that of George Clooney. And the hair, flopping over his perpetually tan forehead, helps him pull off those witty and deadpan one-liners with ease. We’re pretty certain he’ll never be truly lonely on this planet.

Famous for: Legendary travel writer and editor
Website: Don’s Place
Don George - Hair schmair, Don George has a that Captain Picard cool kinda charm. Intelligent without being arrogant, he’s got all the stories those young bucks have and the books to back them up. The laugh, the charm, the say-anything-you want-honey wit, we’re all dying to know what’s happening behind those Richard Gere eyes.

Famous for: CEO of BootsnAll Travel Network
Website: BootsnAll
Sean Keener - This strapping traveler and CEO can work a room and podium like nobody’s business. Charming, fun and friendly, he’s got the twinkling eyes of a single fella but be careful, his wife’s just as smokin’ hot. And don’t let his Robert Redford Americana looks fool you, he’s one of those smart and savvy tech guys to boot.

Famous for
: Saving money on the Continent, brother style!
Website: EuroCheapo
Tom & Pete Meyers - Good genes we guess! These two nice guys of travel turn heads around the world. You can have your Meyers light or dark, they come in both versions. Sweeties and studs alike, this (not twins, but wouldn’t that be COOL?) brotherly team both sport preppy style, perfect smiles and yeah…we’re going for it, NICE PECS! They can run a successful business and throw a hell of a party.

Famous for: Lonely Planet guidebook author
& world traveling blogger
: Killing Batteries
Leif Pettersen
- Intense, hilarious and pretty darn hot. And ‘Leif’ is not a name for regular guys. Pettersen rocks it around the world and keeps it real in Midwestern Minneapolis. His penchant for danger, creative outlook, creamy skin and blue eyes have us swoon ready…just in case we should ever meet him in person.

Famous for: Travel blogger extraordinaire
Website: Nomadic Matt
Nomadic Matt - Remember those young bucks we were talking about? This is one. He even had to resort to a Muppet avatar to keep the ladies away at one point. Dark hair, green eyes, and one of the slickest wardrobes in the travel space. We’re sure it’s not hard to be nomadic, when you’re always assured of a place to rest your head.

Famous for: Circling the globe
Website: Johnny Jet
Johnny Jet - With a name like that, he’s gotta be cute. Jet-setter Johnny Jet’s camera isn’t the only thing we’re smiling at. A self-proclaimed shutterbug, Jet rarely accessorizes his white shirt and jeans with anything other than a smile wider than the Danube, and his trusty camera. Here’s lookin’ at you blue eyes.

Famous for: Travel editor, San Francisco Chronicle & proudly
keeping journalistic efforts alive in a new media age.
Website: Bad Latitude
Spud Hilton - The Galavanting Gals are known for loving their carbs and this spud’s no different. Cute alter ego glasses? Check. Perfect black muscle tee? Check. Snug jeans that say “I don’t care what the young kids are wearing. I KNOW what looks good on me.” Check. This SF Bay based writer is someone we’d ride a bull with…anytime.

Celebrity Travel Studs

Famous for: Virgin Records, Virgin Airlines,
and being filthy rich
Website: Virgin
Richard Branson - Any hunky world traveler that makes it into Forbes’ list of billionaires, would cause anyone stand up and take notice. But Lord Branson’s great hair and British accent aren’t hurting anything either. You know how some people just have that savoir faire? We think he may have invented it.

Famous for: Actor and World Traveler
Website: Ewan Mcgregor
Ewan Mcgregor - His globe-spanning motorcycle adventure lands him on this list. No business class for our Ewan, he chooses to ride around the world on a hog. Who knew a talented, handsome actor could rough it with us?

Famous for: Flying 1 million miles
Website: Up In the Air
Ryan Bingham - Don’t recognize this well-traveled dude? You might no doubt know the actor who played him, George Clooney. Bingham was the super hot, ready for anything biz traveler in the movie Up In The Air. But what really melts our butter are the gorgeous airport scenes - how can you not fall for a man who moves through security like that? Hips don’t lie.


Editor’s note: a previous version of this article listed Nomadic Matt’s eyes as blue rather than green. So sorry green-eyes!

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