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Infographic: Best Places in Europe to Ski on a Budget - 559

As this winter’s ski season continues, Expedia came out with a fun infographic on the best places in Europe to ski on a budget. The infographic covers popular destinations in Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Spain, Andorra, Bulgaria, France, and Slovenia, even including the best value après ski activities (including beer prices!).

Have a look and let us know what you think. Are they spot on, or are there any great places missed that are your favorites?

(Infographic courtesy Expedia.co.uk. Click for a larger image.)


'Round the Webz: Flight paths, Continental convicted, Spanish strike, Oprah - 454

Drama in your afternoon news round-up, folks. Oh, and one cool video.

[1] Here’s a really fascinating look at “the choreography of flying in all its glory.” GE Aviation and the GE Show produced this cool video which captures take-offs and landing over the course of a day. Particularly interesting is the “making of” video. [Source: GE]

[2] A French court convicted Continental Airlines and a mechanic of manslaughter in the 2000 crash of an Air France Concorde that killed 113 passengers. [Source: AP]

[3] Spanish air traffic controllers staged a 24 hour strike on Friday as the government approved plans to partially privatize some airports. Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero ordered the military in to stop the strike, which affected 200,000 travelers and cost the country’s tourism industry 350 million euros and 100 million euros for the airlines. [Source: Advisor One]

[4] Oooh: Sponsorship drama, courtesy of Oprah. As housewives everywhere gear up for Oprah’s exciting Ultimate Austrialian Adventure (gag), the line has blurred between endorsement and sponsorship. Unlike some people, Oprah’s upcoming episode stretch are “in reality long commercials for Tourism Australia and its partners.” So what you’re telling me is McCafes aren’t Aussie hotspots? [Source: The Australian]


French Cocktail Hour - House Party June 4th. Location: Your Place


The French government wants the world not to be intimidated by French food and dining. So they thought it would be a nice idea to treat the world (19 countries) to wine and cheese parties on June 4th, 2009. They're forking over 2.1 million bucks to do it, too.

Is that not the wildest thing you have ever heard? And the coolest?

Of course, it could also be seen as a passive aggressive move in response to Bush's 300% increase on the import tariffs for Roquefort which, by the way, Obama still hasn't lifted. Come on. A guy who gets his arugula at Whole Foods must appreciate Roquefort...

But who cares? What are you waiting for? Apply now! It won't cost you a thing.

And not only that, you could win a trip to France!


Pamela Poole is Galavanting contributor, a California girl calling Paris home, a writer, translator, and a francophile entrepreneur.