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When it comes to travel, we believe people are interested in more than just the latest gear and reviews of ludicrously expensive resorts. We know that not every female is in search of the world’s perfect facial. And that people without trust funds travel too.

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Zaatar Days, Henna Nights by Maliha Masood

Review of Zaatar Days, Henna Nights: Adventures, Dreams, and Destinations Across the Middle East  (Seal Press, 2006)
by Maliha Masood  

When Maliha Masood burned out at work and needed to explore her roots, she found that travel was the way to do it. She bought a one-way ticket to the Middle East in search of adventure and reconnection to her family's heritage.

The book is filled with stories not only of the destinations she visited, but her journey to becoming an independent and fulfilled traveler as well. 

Masood explores the language, culture and local people along the way. She tells of renting an apartment in Cairo and interactions with nearby residents and newfound friends along the way. She incorporates her unique perspective as a Muslim raised in the United States and ways she first blended in on the surface, but not always culturally. From the pages:

She has a Muslim name and a vaguely Arab face smothered in a head scarf, but she can't form a coherent sentence in Arabic, Jamila must have thought.

There is also her time spent in the Sahara desert and being mistaken for a spy in Turkey. Masood writes in a clean style with plenty of humor and honesty.

Zaatar Days, Henna Nights should be on the bookshelf of any traveler seeking inspiration and for glimpses into the life and experiences of a long-term traveler to the Middle East. 

Order a copy of Zaatar Days, Henna Nights on Amazon.com >>



Travel Blog Exchange '09: Chicago Travel Blogger Meetup July 26th

CTA overhead in Chicago's Downtown Loop

There seems to be no shortage of travel bloggers in the world -- which is absolutely a wonderful thing.

With so many places around the globe to write about, everyone's input and experiences can help fellow travelers.

What there is a shortage of however, has been networking opportunities for those who write about travel to come together and meet one another. Until now! 

Debbie Dubrow of Deliciousbaby.com (a great site dedicated to making travel with kids fun) and Kim Mance of Galavanting (yes, that's us), are co-hosting a meetup of all those who write about travel.

Click to read more ...


Report Says Web Searches for Travel Bookings Down 42%

The Times Online is reporting that 42% less internet users in the UK searched for airfares and other travel bookings the week after Christmas, as compared to the same week last year.

From the article:

Robin Goad, from Experian, told the FT: “January is the big peak for traffic to travel websites and obviously the web is the primary sales channel for travel companies now, so it’s very important what happens in January.”

He said that although there had been a spike in searches since Christmas, they are seeing a “significant drop” when compared to traffic in previous years.


While this news seems alarming for the airline industry, it seems to indicate that more local tourism has continued. The report suggests that British consumers now appear to be looking for destinations within Europe rather than abroad. It looks like travel companies will have to get very creative to get the attention of consumers looking to find a an affordable and rewarding vacation throughout the market.

What about you?

Are you saving up for one big trip before booking? Taking vacations closer to home? Or just trying to pay the electric bill?

via a tweet from @merrillg

photo by zenobia_joy


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